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About Me

I have been passionate about hair and makeup from a very early age. Coming from a country that is full of culture, color, and tradition, I have found that the face is a perfect canvas to reflect that.  I have taken my passion to the next step through countless hours of training with the very best to build Minali Makeovers. 

I started my professional life as an engineer in the manufacturing world, but my interest and curiosity of hair and makeup began to take hold in 2002 after coming to the US and living in New York City (one of the global fashion capitals of the world). Over the next couple of years, I was trained under professional guidance and schools that specialized in bridal, casual makeup, editorial makeup, and hairstyling to hone my craft. 

It was important for me to train under professionals before I could call myself a professional. During that time, my skills have taught me how to make anyone look beautiful in their own way. I not only enhance their beauty but boost their confidence as well.

One of the main reasons that I'm so passionate about what I do is the makeup itself.

The makeup is very colorful, dramatic and glamorous to coordinate with the elaborate outfits and jewelry.

I also relish the opportunity to work with different people that have different desires to enhance their appearance. It forces me to come up with the best way to fulfill their desires while giving them a protective shell to their skin in a subtle way. 

It seems like the more advanced women become, the more insecure they feel about the way they look. My approach to makeup is like doing a watercolor painting. I allow the skin and the women’s special loveliness to shine through by finding the right product to enhance each client’s natural beauty.

I believe that looking good starts and ends with feeling beautiful from within and makeup is simply the reflection of that beauty.

Meet the Artist: About Me
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